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Retina World Congress seeks to expand education plans in the world of retina. The goal is to facilitate communication and detecting opportunities for meaningful collaboration between retina societies around the world. As always, it remains RWC’s intent to be inclusive by offering all our virtual activities at no cost to your society members.

Below are some of our upcoming activities for the upcoming year. Please share these with your society members:

Image and Reference Gallery rocks/

Retina Rocks is a free, Image and Reference Gallery educating retina specialists through multimodal images covering the spectrum of vitreoretinal disorders. It also includes annotated bibliographies from major publications and studies for most of the disorders. Participants may submit images at If your society members are interested in serving on the Image and Reference Gallery Committee to contribute to the growth of the platform, please contact our Committee Co-Chair Steve Bloom, MD at

Video Gallery

The Video Gallery will serve the global retina community with an encyclopedia of retinal videos highlighting everything surgical retina from introductory steps and basic maneuvers to complex vitreoretinal techniques. Our hope is to have societies from around the world grow the Video Gallery and showcase the techniques that are practiced in their region. Participants may submit a video, by creating a “MY RWC” profile at: To promote equal access, the Retina World Congress Video Gallery does not require membership dues and is free of charge.

RWC Education Live (E-Live)

RWC E-Live showcases the retina societies from around the world promoting the latest scientific advances and best practices in the field of retina. We are currently planning the 2023 sessions and would love your society to participate and nominate speakers. Please follow up with our E-Live Program Chair, Jorge Rocha, MD, PhD, to nominate speakers for upcoming events at

Women Global.

Women Global promotes the global representation of female retina specialists in scientific/educational activities and leadership positions around the world. The group seeks to provide mentorship to young female retina specialists navigating their careers. This goal is accomplished by setting a global interactive network of retina societies around the world to connect and empower the global community of women in retina. RWC’s partnership with 49 retina societies around the world offers a unique forum to help RWC Women Global reach its goals. We believe that RWC Women Global will have an immediate positive impact in mentorship and increasing the representation of stellar female retina specialists in the world of retina.

If your members are interested in participating in our Women Global activities, please contact our Women Global Chair, Daniela Ferrara, MD, at

Experience the RWC Metaverse

Explore the RWC Metaverse (powered by MetaMed). RWC Metaverse is a network of real-time rendered 3D worlds that expand on our goal to educate, collaborate, and learn. Through the RWC Metaverse, one can learn, interact, and experience synchronously with colleagues across the globe, each with an individual sense of presence. If your society members are interested in participating in this bold initiative, please contact RWC Metaverse Co-Chair Steve Houston, MD, at

Your society’s support in advancing the outreach of our educational activities are truly appreciated.

Kourous A. Rezaei, MD
RWC President

J. Fernando Arevalo, MD, PhD
RWC Liaison Committee Co-Chair

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